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~Pema Chodron

Review the full FAQs document below for more information on fees, payment, insurance, scheduling, telehealth and more. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: Are you accepting new clients at this time?

A: I am accepting a limited number of adult clients for virtual telehealth sessions to be placed on a waitlist, with services typically starting within 6-8 weeks of being placed on the waitlist.

I am also accepting Somatic Experiencing students who need personal sessions for credit at Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced levels, and Individual Consultation Sessions for credit at the Beginning and Intermediate levels.


Q: How do I schedule an appointment?

A: Please contact me by phone at 608-345-1999 or through the CONTACT PAGE on my web page to arrange a brief consultation to make sure that I can meet your needs, and that we have the right type of appointment scheduled for you. We can schedule a telehealth appointment during that phone call, and then you will receive the link to get set up on the secure client portal to complete your initial paperwork.


Q: Are you seeing people in person at this time?

A: I am currently seeing clients through telehealth sessions only. 


Q: Do you accept insurance payments?

A: A full page of detailed information regarding insurance benefits, FSA, HSA, and out of network benefits can be found in the FAQs INSURANCE section.  

Q: What are your fees for Somatic Psychotherapy sessions?

A: Psychotherapy sessions are billed at $180 per hour.

  • $135 for 45 minutes

  • $180 for 60 minutes

***Please see information HERE about "Good Faith Estimate" for services and the "No Surprises Act" effective January 1, 2022.***

Q: What are your fees for Integrative Somatic Wellness, Coaching, & Consultation sessions?

A: All 1:1 Integrative Somatic Wellness, Coaching & Consultation sessions are billed at $160 per hour, and billed for the amount of time utilized in the session at 15 minute increments.

  • $120 for 45 minutes

  • $160 for 60 minutes

  • $200 for 75 minutes

  • $240 for 90 minutes

Q: Do you offer sliding scale fees for your sessions?

A: Yes, all sessions through Healing & Balance LLC are eligible for sliding scale agreements based on financial need, if not submitting through insurance. If I am not able to meet your needs, I am happy to provide referrals to appropriate providers.

  • I believe that therapeutic and mental health services should be available and accessible to everyone regardless of their economic and life backgrounds. I understand that different privileges and life circumstances can impact the ability to access these services.

  • I strive to address this issue in my practice by keeping a limited number of sliding scale spots open for clients experiencing financial hardships. Please contact me directly to discuss sliding scale options before your first session, or if your circumstances change during your therapy process. 


Q: When is payment due for services?

A: Payment is due at time of service. Clients are registered within the Healing & Balance LLC secure portal, which allows your credit card to be safely stored for auto payment through Stripe. Payment will automatically be applied to your invoice upon completion of the session. ​​


Q: What is the client portal and how do I access it?

A: The secure client portal is through SimplePractice. It is an all-inclusive electronic records and billing platform. Once you are a registered user as a client, you will be able to sign into the portal. There is a link at the bottom of website that will direct you the client portal. You will have access to the following:

  • Secure links for your telehealth sessions

  • Reviewing your appointments

  • Reviewing, completing, and signing electronic form/documents

  • Billing records, invoices and payment history

  • Enrollment in Stripe auto payment for invoices

  • Secure messaging


Q: How frequently do you see clients for sessions?

A: It depends on the goals and/or treatment process for each person. Typically, I will see people in psychotherapy every other week, and people receiving Integrative Somatic Wellness, Coaching and Consultation sessions are often attending monthly sessions, or as needed.


Q: What if I am not interested in psychotherapy, can I still schedule a session?

A: You may receive services that are wellness oriented through Integrative Somatic Sessions focusing on Somatic Experiencing®, Coaching, Consulting, Qigong, Meditation, Embodied Healing, Classes and Groups. If you are in need of mental health services, we will discuss a transition to psychotherapy services or a referral to an adjunct mental health provider for you.


Q: What if I live outside of Wisconsin, can I still work with you?

A: Yes, you may receive the Integrative Wellness services if you live outside of Wisconsin. Due to my state licensure requirements, if you live out of state I am not able to provide psychotherapy services at this time.


Q: Do I receive a diagnosis when I receive sessions with you?

A: Yes, for only psychotherapy sessions, you will receive a diagnosis as part of your treatment. This will be discussed and reviewed with you. A clinical diagnosis, assessment and treatment are not part of the services offered through Integrative Somatic Wellness, Coaching and Consultation sessions.


Q: If I am having a medical or mental health emergency what do I do?

A:  If you are having serious health or mental health concerns, please contact your medical provider, go to the nearest Emergency Services or call 911. Referrals will be made to an appropriate mental health provider or primary care physician, if needed. Crisis Management and Crisis Evaluation services are not part of services provided through Healing & Balance LLC.

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